Schedule heavy equipment hauling services right away

Whether you need a massive storage container or a mobile home transported, we can handle it. We use a top-of-the-line rotator tow truck to haul a wide variety of heavy equipment. You can trust us to keep your property safe and deliver it to its new destination on schedule.

Choose McKinney Wrecker Service for heavy equipment hauling. Our rotator is capable of hauling everything from portable buildings to huge steel shipping containers. We can haul your equipment down the street or across state lines.

What can McKinney Wrecker Service haul for you?

McKinney Wrecker Service provides local and long-distance equipment hauling services. Our rotator is capable of hauling:

  • Shipping containers
  • Mobile homes
  • Construction vehicles
  • Dumpsters
  • Piping
  • Turbines

Call 205-938-7705 right away to schedule dependable equipment hauling services. Our team will acquire the necessary permits to haul your property.